Project History

The World Avatar™ project is the brainchild of Professor Markus Kraft, CARES director at the Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore. Starting with the core knowledge graph technology, the project has since expanded to address a number of research & commercial issues relating to digital interoperability.

In collaboration with key contributors CARES, CoMo, CMCL, and CMPG, The World Avatar™ has quickly grown to support a number of different technologies and approaches, all put to use in a number of cutting-edge, industry leading projects. For more information on these, please see our Case Studies page.

What's next?

Contributions to The World Avatar™ continue at a steady pace, revising core infrastructure and adding exciting new features on a weekly basis. Recent additions include the ability to visualise and interact with city-scale 3D building data, pre-generated environments for hosting data and intelligent agents, and a number of improvements to query federation and single-point access.

To learn more about what’s in store for The World Avatar™, or to become a contributor, please see our Collaborate page.