Case Studies

The World Avatar™ can be utilised to serve different needs across a multitude of domains, and handle data at a variety of scales. Listed below are details on a number of collaborative projects and direct consultations in which The World Avatar™ was deployed to successfully help deliver on the project’s deliverables and/or customer’s needs.

The Climate Resilience Demonstrator, CReDo, is a climate change adaptation digital twin demonstrator project developed by the National Digital Twin programme to improve resilience across infrastructure networks. CReDo is a pioneering pilot project to develop, for the first time in the UK, a digital twin across infrastructure networks to provide a practical example of how connected-data and greater access to the right information can improve climate adaptation and resilience. 

Building on the success of the first phase, CReDo Phase 2 improves The World Avatar™’s offering of a shared basis to inform an increased level of infrastructure resilience. These data sets were securely shared to create a digital twin of the infrastructure system for energy, water and telecoms. This enabled insights from the data that can inform decision making concerning capital and operational planning and real time operations reducing the cost and disruptive impact of extreme weather events.

Part of the DOME project, the virtual sensor use case combines raw data from different sources (ship location, weather, topography etc.) as well as results from multiple software to generate estimates of air quality around harbours. This is achieved using the World Avatar ecosystem, enabling interoperability between different data sources.​