The World Avatar™ is Connected  Extensible Collaborative Agnostic

The World Avatar™ supports the development of digital twins, tools which model physical processes and support data-driven decision support. By better understanding the physical processes around us, more effective interventions can be made, minimising energy usage, CO2 emissions, CAPEX and OPEX.

What makes it unique?

Distributed Data Architecture

Securely connect to our network of datasets and models. Retain ownership of your data whilst accessing shared insights.

Derived Information Framework

Leverage agents to autonomously cascade information through dynamic knowledge graphs. Keep insights live and accurate.

Platform Agnostic Ecosystem

Deploy and integrate The World Avatar™ on top of your existing processes and software solutions. No vendor switching or lock-in.

Digital twins are state of the art tools, and have been successfully deployed across many sectors, such as energy, healthcare, transport and logistics.

The World Avatar™ goes beyond state of the art

We believe that the true power of digital twins is only unlocked through connecting them.

Connecting digital twins allows them to deliver a more holistic assessment of physical world behaviour. Interventions in interconnected networks of networks have impacts far beyond their initial scope. Capturing these cross-sector impacts is necessary to truly understand which interventions have the greatest potential benefits.

The World Avatar™ improves upon existing digital twin capabilities through connecting knowledge and insights. Everything within the ecosystem can access the rest of the ecosystem.

The World Avatar™ sits on top of your processes

There’s no need to overhaul existing internal processes, or to move away from your existing software solutions. The agnostic nature of The World Avatar™ allows it to integrate with your existing data models, lakes and silos.

In addition, this means there is also no vendor lock in. Decide you wish to move away from the ecosystem down the line? Your data is already machine-readable, smoothing the transition. Regret the move? Re-onboarding onto The World Avatar™ remains as simple and rapid as ever.