Live demonstrations of tools created using The World Avatar™ are shown within the group pages listed below. Each of these demonstrations have been produced via collaborative research and development efforts across CMCL, CMPG, CARES, and CoMo. Click through to explore the demos. Some of these tools are under constant development, and we will be updating this page as more become publicly available.
Aerial view over picturesque patchwork landscape of green pasture, lush meadows and crop fields, farmhouses and rural homes amongst the rolling hills and quiet valleys below panoramic blue summer skies. ProPhoto RGB profile for maximum color fidelity and gamut.

Climate change is a worldwide, systemic challenge, and it demands a systems-based approach. A number of projects utilising The World Avatar™ have been used to show the benefits of this connected methodology and how better information and coordination enables providers to identify better solutions. Collaboration through connected digital twins is key to effectively tackling global climate change.

The transport sector underpins vast swathes of modern life. The ability to quickly and efficiently transport goods or people is key to the modern globalised economy. However, this means that when the transport sector is disrupted the effects are wide reaching, and can cascade into other sectors. Similarly, impacts from external sectors can cause issues for the transport sector. This high level of interdependency makes it an ideal sector for The World Avatar™.

The chemicals sector is key to providing the world with food, clean water and lifesaving medicines. High-level research across this space will unlock new possibilities and technologies as we look to tackle existential crises across a range of interdependent sectors. For more information on the cutting-edge research conducted via The World Avatar™ visit the publications tab or get in contact directly.

The built environment plays a crucial role in shaping our lives, and underpins modern life as we know it. Due to its high-level nature, it impacts the health, environmental and social sectors deeply, and as such is a key focus for The World Avatar™. For information on novel use cases, collaborative research and upcoming demonstrators across the built environment sector, please get in contact with us today.

The Maritime sector has ultimately been responsible for the improved standard of global living achieved in the last half-century. Around 90% of traded goods are carried via the sea, and without container ships it’s hard to imagine that the current level of globalisation could have been achieved. Connecting this key sector to adjacent sectors has been a key focus for the 4Cs.

For more information on the demonstrators shown in these pages, please feel free to reach out to use using the Contact Us page.