Project Aims

The World Avatar™ is a collaborative digital ecosystem which aims to connect people and knowledge to improve the liveability and sustainability of our environment.

It seeks to support challenge owners with insights into both their operations, and operations in interdependent sectors, domains and companies which were previously opaque. It achieves this via four main features:


Siloed data stifles innovation and hampers growth. The World Avatar™ supports interoperability both within and between organisations. By connecting knowledge, data, software and people, it enables collaboration and co-ordination within and across domains.

Cross-sector problems require cross-sector solutions, and the ability to perceive networks of networks unlocks breakthroughs in areas such as transport, energy and smart cities. Participate in data-sharing for public good, and deliver benefits across communities.


Utilise insights to inform interventions into the physical world. Cut energy usage, operating costs, CO2 emissions and waste. Maximise productivity, efficiency, benefits and outcomes.

Collaborate across domains to maximise investment returns and generate new knowledge. Physical networks of networks can be perceived and visualised as one.

Reduce the need for human interventions, and unlock the full power of computational optimisation through the holistic consideration of external and internal impacts.


Query concepts, instances and relationships across the ecosystem. Access all your data through one endpoint and discover previously unperceived interactions.

Industry-standard SPARQL queries have been adopted across The World Avatar™ to ensure efficient onboarding. Agents within the framework allow RESTful APIs to return filtered datasets.

The World Avatar™ is format-agnostic, allowing IoT sensor data, relational databases, knowledge graphs and geospatial data to be stored and queried together.


Uncertainty can result in enormous costs through delays, unnecessary work and unforeseen side-effects. Collecting vast quantities of data is now possible at an unprecedented scale. Leveraging and effectively utilising this data to reduce uncertainty is possible through The World Avatar™ and its network of visualisation tools.

Imagining and exploring parallel-world scenarios mitigates this uncertainty, allowing challenge-owners to predict future outcomes and assess the impacts of decisions before committing to change.

Increase resiliency to economic, supply chain and climate shocks through targeted and informed high-ROI interventions ahead of time.