This visualisation demonstrates the power of The World Avatar to ingest data from multiple sources, using different formats and protocols, connecting it all within a semantically enhanced environment. This bringing together of disparate data silos in a knowledge graph context helps to enable greater interoperability between data sets, provide contextualised meaning, discover new insights across a wider scope.

Although The World Avatar supports data at all scopes, this visualisation provides a nation-wide view of a digital twin constructed to represent the real-world state of the United Kingdom and Singapore (circa 2023). A number of real-world data sources have been used to populate the digital twin (see the “Attribution” tab for details), providing both static and live data.

Using this digital twin as a template, or base world, The World Avatar can then generate a number of hypothetical situations, or parallel worlds. These parallel worlds can then be used to explore the effects of possible scenarios (like worst-case climate change), or tweak existing parameters to optimise existing asset networks.

Please note that as this visualisation contains a large number of data sets, not all are shown by default, and some layers require zooming in before they become visible.

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